Friday, 3 August 2012

Important lesson learnt during EIR journey !!

EIR has kindled my interest about learning about the internet. I actually joined this CDS  without actually wanting to know much about it. i actually wanted to just have a pass and thats was good enough for me. There is a lot of things which i have learnt in through EIR which have helped me a lot not only to do well in EIR class but also for my projects in other classes.

The most important lesson i have learnt in EIR is stratagy on how to reasearch on the internet. The knowledge i learnt from this had made me from a being a fixed star to a irregular planet. Last time i would just use single words do do search for my projects.This would give me a lot of links which is a big trouble. Now i know how to translate a research topic to a effective search query. I only knew how to use Boolean operations after attending EIR lessons.This is a very useful tool which have helped me to narrow my search in all my research topics. This saves a lot of time and gives me accurate informations too.

Before ending this post i would like to thank you for guiding me through this juorney.


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Blog Reflections of site visit research findings

I personally feel that the physical EIR class is much easier to understand than going through slides from the computer. At times when I read the slides it’s hard to understand what the writer is talking about. When I am at a physical class I feel that I can absorb more as the lecturer explains things to me in more details. On the other hand I find that the site visit was an interesting activity too. I could have a feel of what the future is more likely to be during this site visit. There were many interesting things I experienced there and the most interesting one for me is the station where they showed about the Interactive IPTV. The Interactive IPTV can harness the full potential of the internet with useful features which are more likely for us to find in our computer rather than TV. It can also find TV related online content and information, while also enabling us to share movies, photos and music online. I find this technology very interesting as it would enable me to use the internet on my TV itself during the commercials rather than having to use my I phone and I can watch my online YouTube videos with better sound and digital quality. 

One of the ethical issues which I learnt about would be Wiki ethics. Basically what Wiki ethics in brief is a way to behave when using Wiki. According to the lecture notes we have to be:

  Be bold about making changes if you feel that it will improve the page
  Follow the site conventions by following the structure of other pages
  Be a good community member
           -  avoid being involved in an edit war 
           - learn to tolerate edits from other people on your wiki contents
 Do not vandalize posts of others by putting in irrelevant information or deleting others’ good work                 Avoid using public wikis for marketing or self-promotion
 Now a days a lot of schools are using computer to conduct their lessons in the class. But the teacher are not connected with the students PC because all the students have to use their own personally PC. And students have do online Wiki discussions which means that the teacher will not able to look at the discussion of the student and the manner they are doing it as it happens. They will only be able to view it once it’s submitted by than one student could vandalise another student’s work. This can be one of the ethical issues which can be present in Wiki. To prevent it I think the class room like the one in iexperience could help. In this Next Gen Classroom teachers can interact and check on the students work as and when they are doing it rather than doing it after they submit it. I think this could help.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Comparison and Analysis ( Practice 6)

I used the database Global Issues In Context to do my reasearch on Impacts and Implications of Nuclear Energy. I choose to use this database to because when i was looking through the the choice of database from the school libary resourse this database caught my attention by its name, Global Issues In Context. Impacts and Implications of Nuclear Energy is a issue which not only a a few countries are involved in but all, which means that its a global issue. So this firstly caught my attention, later when i went in to look into this database i realised that it did have information on nuclear energy which was very useful for my topic. This database has information on global perspectives on issues of international importance and current world events and topics in the news related to these issues, so i used this database as i felt that this database would best searve my research need.

I think that the data base is a good tool to use in my reasearch as it has articles, viewpoints of people, statistics , books and many more other useful features. It is effective tool to use but i wont say that using database alone is enough to do my research because it got selected articles from a website only it does not allow me to view the whole website, where i might get a better piece of information which would best suite my research. I would prefer to use both the search engine and the databese for my research. In the research for Impacts and Implications of Nuclear Energy in overall the databese would be enough as i already got a background information on the topic and i can use the data base to scope down on what i exactly need. But if i had a research topic on something which i am not familier with the Search engine will definetely better as it gives me all kind of information for me to understand the topic itself.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

About me.

My name is Thadjayanan Thaverajah. To make it easy you can just call me Thadj. I am currently in my final semester of my diploma in Mechatronics. My hobby is reading. I love to read books of various genres. Reading helps me to explore a different kind ofworld. It also allows me to gain a wider perspective of the world and developmy imagination. If I were to identify my strength I would say that I am best atproblem solving. In my opinion, my strength is like the light in a sea ofdarkness. It helps me to navigate around my problems and find solutions in acalm and rational manner. My ERI goal would be to learn how to use the internet more effectively and efficiently. This would help me enhance the quality of myschool work in terms of research and application. I believe that my hobby andmy strength are also leverage to my goal. Reading would intrigue me further inunderstanding the applications of the internet and problem solving would help me to discover the appropriate information needed to use for my school work.