Friday, 3 August 2012

Important lesson learnt during EIR journey !!

EIR has kindled my interest about learning about the internet. I actually joined this CDS  without actually wanting to know much about it. i actually wanted to just have a pass and thats was good enough for me. There is a lot of things which i have learnt in through EIR which have helped me a lot not only to do well in EIR class but also for my projects in other classes.

The most important lesson i have learnt in EIR is stratagy on how to reasearch on the internet. The knowledge i learnt from this had made me from a being a fixed star to a irregular planet. Last time i would just use single words do do search for my projects.This would give me a lot of links which is a big trouble. Now i know how to translate a research topic to a effective search query. I only knew how to use Boolean operations after attending EIR lessons.This is a very useful tool which have helped me to narrow my search in all my research topics. This saves a lot of time and gives me accurate informations too.

Before ending this post i would like to thank you for guiding me through this juorney.


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